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Eyecare Plus Broadway has now been accepted as a member of the Eyecare Plus group of independent optometrists who provides clinically driven, professional eye and vision care across Australia. Eyecare Plus members have met stringent accreditation criteria and we too are committed to ensure that our practice provides and maintains professional eyecare, quality optometric goods to suit all budgets and excellence in service.

When you see one of our optometrists, your examination not only includes a prescription for glasses but also an assessment of your focusing and eye teaming skills, an external and internal eye health examination (to screen for diabetes, macular degeneration, hypertension and other retinal diseases) as well as intraocular pressures and visual fields tests (to detect for glaucoma and brain tumours). Eyecare Plus Broadway also provides contact lens consultations and offers excellent deals on contact lenses made from materials that allow better oxygen permeability to the eye. Our optometrists are also equipped to provide advanced contact lens fittings for patients with keratoconus or for myopia control with orthokeratology.

In particular, our optometrists have a special interest in patients who suffer from Strabismus and amblyopia. We also offer vision therapy for those who are interested in improving their eye coordination and efficiency.

As changes in your eye health and vision may occur gradually without apparent symptoms, an eye examination is recommended at least every two years. Eye muscle coordination and focusing problems may also occur in children, so it is important that they are also examined regularly, as well.

So come in and to meet the Eyecare Plus Broadway team for quality eye care, service and the latest in optical eyewear. Located conveniently at the Broadway Healthcare Centre?, why don’t you drop in and see what we have to offer.

SooJin Nam, B.Optom, AGSM
Rebecca Milston, B.Optom, Grad Cert Oc Ther
Grace Wee, B.Optom, M.Optom
Mi Hae (Rachel) Kim, B.Optom

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